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Portuguese Association of Animal Traction



The Portuguese Association of Animal Traction (APTRAN) is an educational, scientific and technical non-governmental organization whose main objectives are to investigate, preserve and make known on the national heritage related with the animal traction in all its aspects, as well as promote, enhance and disseminate new forms of use, throughout an actual and modern perspective, incorporating and adapting new knowledge.

It is also an essential purpose the promotion of sustainable models of development with the promotion of cultural practices compatible with the conservation of biodiversity, soil conservation, as well as the inclusion of the concept of animal traction in modern logical strategy for rural development.

To achieve its objectives, APTRAN intend to promote and support scientific studies, practical courses, congresses, conferences and other related activities; as well academic and professional workshops, exhibitions, awards, scholarships and periodical publications.

Additionally, to develop and intensify cooperation between individuals and national / international organizations with common interest, promoting the exchange of knowledge and experiences, as well as inform and educate the scientific community and the general public about the advantages of the use of animal traction, promoting their approach to the objectives of the Association.

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